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Life Has Been hectic Update

Let Me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I have been mia and not on my blog I am sorry. Since losing my cousin last year, my life has been hectic. I was depressed after losing my cousin. The lack of leadership at my son's former ABA company resulted in half-hearted service.

At times, I think I'm not doing the best for Zachariah because I'm not using his pecs system anymore. I haven't used it since September. Although I try to stay on top of things, being a single mom with a son on the spectrum has not been easy. When I am overwhelmed, I go on and on like an Energizer Bunny.

This is not healthy, and I have been trying to be more honest with myself. I have been doing small steps, and I am sorry there hasn't been a blog post in a while.

Additionally, Zach was discharged from his other services Speech and OT, "due to lack of progress" in both areas. They did this shortly after I returned from my uncle's funeral. The whole situation hurt me, and I was left a bit lost. I was going through a lot of emotions at the time as they told me the meeting was for parents to discuss his reevaluation assessment. I was speechless when I left that "meeting."

At the moment, Zach is undergoing feeding therapy that he began last year in September of 2021. I must say that this is a journey all on its own because we have added new foods to the diet. They are all puree at the moment. His regular food is texture but not the new foods.

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