About The Brand & Crystal Jordan


My name is Crystal Jordan. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, where I attended Bauder College studying apparel design. I wrote this book to educate people in my community and the world about ASD. My son was diagnosed at 2 years old with autism. I am so open about Zachariah and my story because in the black community we do not talk about a lot of issues, particularly special needs. I am sharing a piece of our life to help others who are afraid or ashamed to talk about theirs. I am an advocate for awareness about Autism and I plan to keep being a voice. I am the owner of Amor Allure; an e-commerce women’s boutique. I created a brand center around my son’s disorder called, “Zachariah’s World,” where children with ASD are not forgotten but embraced. 

"I am just a mom on a mission trying to normalize Autism." - Crystal Jordan


you are a dope mom! I can't think of anyone else that's dedicating themselves to being awareness to a disorder and leaving something tangible for their son

Pilar  Jewell 

I'm so proud of you fellow autism mama! I can't wait to get it for my little superhero! You're an awesome mama! You put your son's needs before your own. You give him your last. You make sure he's taken care of in every area of his precious life. And you're a great advocate for other moms with kids that have autism. Superwoman to a little superhero