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Me an IEP Coach!

I started a new jounrey , well let's not say new. At first, I did not charge for advocating for people's kids in IEP meetings; I was coming on as an advocate and pushing for their children. The single mom asked me to help her with her middle schooler recently. It was a learning experience, and I was nervous to take money from her. As a result, she encouraged me to start taking clients and helping other mothers like her.

I am forever grateful to her for telling me to charge. Charging my worth, and charging in general, is something I struggle with. I struggle with the fact am I good enough to take her money, do i know what i am talking about? While in the meetings,, I was blown away that I was more than ready, another author always talks about being scared, so I started to work on my IEP advocate plan in order to begin taking clients and payments.

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