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Bundle deal: Included Just Like You children's book and Just Like You Autism Awareness coloring book. This bundle deal is great because you will have two book and save a little money. 


Just Like You  is a story about my young boy Zachariah, who is starting his school; just like any other kid, he is going to pre – k. There is just one thing: he is atypical, and he was diagnosed with Autism. This is a great way to introduce autism spectrum disorder to your family or help people better understand this important topic. “Just like you” is the first of many more books to come.


Just Like You Autism Awareness Coloring Book is designed to raise autism awareness while also introducing children to fun coloring activities and learning activities. Children and adults on the spectrum are just like you, but they have certain atypical characteristics.



These books were designed from a mom's perspective.





Just Like You Bundle Deal